What is a good real estate schedule?


I say that everything in your business starts with a schedule. It is a planning tool, it is a reminding tool and it is a motivational tool all in one. A good schedule by itself is not enough to make your business a success, but it will give you clarity on what needs to be done and a trackable record on what was achieved over a period of time. A good schedule will create good routines and form habits that will continue serving you even after the original excitement of wanting something done is gone. It will make you think about your day tomorrow or your entire week. It will be a constant reminder of your business plan and it will allow you to make course correction on a daily basis.

Your schedule must consist of tasks that drive you to your business plan goals. If you are an individual agent or a part of a small team, a big portion of your business plan will be allocated to prospecting. To be most effective, I recommend that you start to prospect at 8am Monday through Friday. To prepare yourself for prospecting you need to have a powerful morning routine. I will use my own routine as an example.

I start the work day at 7am. It takes me 2 hours to put myself together and I get up at 5am to make sure I am ready. In the first 2 hours of the day I workout, take a hot bath followed by a cold shower, meditate (with varying consistency), write for a bout 20 minutes and get dressed. Our team works from home and there is no commute to allocate the time to.

From 7:00am to 7:30am I have a business planning meeting with my partner. Monday through Friday. We follow the business review structure offered by Tony Robbins, which he calls “7 forces of business mastery”.

From 7:30am to 7:50am we have a role playing session. On the phone. Monday through Friday. New role playing partner every week. Partners are on the same level as you or better. This routine has three components: to role-play, to comment on the quality of the role play of the partner and to listen to and to internalize the comments from your role playing partner. I write down the comments from my partner down and incorporate them into my prospecting right after.

From 7:50am to 8:00am we have a conversation about what each one of us is grateful for today. It does not have to be complicated or elaborately planned. Being grateful for a good night sleep is enough. There is a simple and elegant gratitude journal that I first read about on Tim Ferris’s blog. You can get it from Amazon by following this the link here.

Next stop is prospecting. I start it at 8am and recommend you do the same. We are on the phone between 8am and 12pm, sometimes 12:30pm. Following the same routine with very few variations. Calling our lead sources that are already sitting in the system we use, every day. Ready. All we need to do is to sit down and dial. There is no guess work, no thinking. Just following a routine and following an engrained habit. Another thing I do is I prospect for 50 minutes and take a break for 10. There is an app I use to keep track of my hourly routine. The category of apps like the one I use is known as “Pomodoro timer” and you can find some popular ones here.

Lunch time is at 12:30pm. I don’t particularly watch the time for lunch. If I have a lunch meeting with someone, I go outside the house, if not, I eat at home.

There are four main time blocks in my day. Morning routine, Morning prospecting, Admin and Appointments. Moving to the Afternoon now. After lunch there is a wide assortment of admin work that I do. It ranges from pre-qualifying listing appointments for the next day to recording and editing videos to writing and posting blogs to attending to issues related to current listings. It also includes doing research work for clients and or setting up leads for what I promised after the morning prospecting session.

After 4pm I go for appointments, if any. If not, I put in more prospecting in. I also try to put in a few additional role playing sessions during the day several times a week. My day is generally done by 7pm. I am simply tired at that time and need a break. 7pm to 10pm is family and personal time. I go to bed at 10pm.

It is rinse and repeat the next morning.

As you can see the schedule is very simple. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about making money in real estate. You notice that it closely follows Mike Ferry’s recommendations. Straight forward and effective. Depending on where you are in your carrier and size of your business, you could depart from what I am doing, however this would be a good template for most people. This is the schedule of a listing agent. Buyer agent’s schedule might be different.

One of the biggest issues you will deal with, when on schedule like this is boredom. It is repetitive and loaded with rejection, especially during prospecting time. Many agents find that there is little to look forward to. If you come from say, an athletic background, you would already have experience in dealing with repetition and boredom. If daily repetition is new to you, putting the routine on your schedule and making sure that you follow it daily for 90 days is key to forming a habit. Track your consecutive daily runs by putting “Xs” on a paper calendar where you can mark each day you prospected. If you skip a day and there is now a white space on you calendar, you can still continue on towards your 90 day goal. If you skip two days, you destroy your still unformed habit and have to restart your tracking from day one.

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